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Leonardtown Messaging System Agreement
by posted 03/09/2012

Leonardtown Lacrosse Messaging System Agreement
Text messaging between Coaches and individual Athletes (except Captains) has been determined to be in conflict with School policy unless the parents specifically authorize the action.  The Policy has been established to protect students and is understandable but it also restricts our ability to disseminate information quickly and keep everyone (players and parents) informed when things change.
In an attempt to comply with the intent and requirements of the policy and to also satisfy our/your requirement for quick communications with the players/parents we use a website as our platform for mass communications.
The web page  is a place where players and parents are asked to register. As part of the registration process, parents and players are linked and associated with a team based on the outcome of tryouts (Boys Varsity, Boys JV, Girl Varsity, and Girls JV).  During the registration process, Players and Parents are asked if they want to receive updates and schedule change notifications. If the player and or parent indicate that they want to receive automated notifications they have the option of receiving them via text message or email.  Updates and Notifications are associated with the master schedule or general topics of interest as determined by the Web administrator. Updates and Notifications are sent in mass to all (both parents and players) that have registered and the full text of the broadcast message is listed on the home page of the website. Individual emails and or texts are not a function that we use from the website.
If you or your sons/daughters have not registered please do so. If you approve of your son/daughter receiving the automated text message notifications please authorize it on the web page, if you do not want her to receive the updates please do not register yourselves or your son/daughter.
By registering on this website you agree to the Leonardtown Lacrosse messaging system.

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